LIFESTYLE | July 25, 2016

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An event dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world: Music & Rosé

A thousand shades of pink covered Governor’s Island a couple of weeks ago for the -first time ever- Pinknic event! A two-day music festival were people could lay on the grass and chill, while they listened to music and drank delicious Rosé.

I had an amazing time, mainly because of the girls in my group, I love them!! They’re the coolest New Yorkers ever, all smart, beautiful, stylish, professional women, just working hard and making the best out of all the cool events that the city has to offer.

We went on Sunday, which was perfect because the weather was beautiful, and you could really feel cool vibes in the air. Needless to say that the fashion was amazing! I can only imagine what the island looked like from the sky, like a “real life” Barbie World! where boys and girls rocked their best Pink & White festival outfits.

As for our stylish group, I really loved what all the girls were wearing, each outfit was so chic and unique that everybody stood out in their own style. Actually, a couple of random girls approached us and said that we won “best dressed group of girls on the island” lol Major #StyleSuccess !

Now talking about Rosé, we started with Moët & Chandon ‘Rosé Impérial’ champagne, and then walked our way through some Château D’Esclans ‘Magnum’ Rosé bottles. It escalated quite quickly, but it didn’t really feel that way because we were having such a great time that we just kept popping bottles and refilling our glasses with wine and berries.

It was a fabulous day, and we really lived by the words: #roseallday !

Kisses… Eva




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