FASHION, FEATURED | April 22, 2017



Exciting times, I think that’s the best way to describe this. Things in my life have been a little intense, but in an interesting -kind of daring- way. Everything has been falling in place, everything I’ve worked for and really wanted is materializing in terms of my professional life, and I couldn’t be happier about that. Personal life, well, is a little hectic but in a good way. I’m in a new city, meeting new people, doing things differently… everything is new and flashy, and in a way, I feel like I’m getting to know myself a little better.

What I want? Where do I go from here?



FASHION, FEATURED | February 9, 2017



If you’ve been following the blog, you know I stopped posting for a while. Sometimes life demands you to focus on just one area so you don’t lose your mind haha, and that’s pretty much what happened. So, even though for the most part of last year I was not really in the right mood or mindset to pay attention to the blog, or to you my lovely readers, one of my 2017 resolutions -yes, I know it’s February already and it’s little late for new year resolutions but bare with me- one of my resolutions is to try to gain back some of the lost time, and post a few of the past photo shoots I didn’t get the opportunity to share with you last year (mixing it up with new shoots of course).

I know what you’re thinking –why would I want to see old outfits?– Well,



FASHION, FEATURED | January 17, 2017


If you read my last post, you know that for me 2016 was not far from transformational, a rather mandatory/not optional/intense transformation. My personal journey combined with a very demanding Full-Time MBA program basically changed me forever. And, that’s neither good or bad, it’s just what it is, and at this point I just have to embrace it.

The first time I read the phrase “You Know Me and You Don’t” in an ad for the new Chanel No. 5, I didn’t think a lot of it, just that Lagerfeld is a genius and that their advertising agency should be congratulated for a rather enchanting copy. But now, that phrase just took a whole new meaning.



LIFESTYLE | January 6, 2017


// 2016, the most emotionally and mentally challenging year of my life. //

Nothing could’ve prepared me for what lied ahead at the beginning of 2016, I’m not only talking about my academic and professional life, it was my personal life what really got disrupted. Over this past year, my deepest passions, dreams and plans got shattered, re-shaped, or absolutely destroyed, and with them, a piece of me.

Some people say that real growth comes in the aftermath of highly stressful life events. You really can’t avoid it, it’s when you’re forced to face reality, when you’re left exposed, that you grow, become more complex, more real. I truly believe I’ve grown more in the past few months than what I’ve grown in my entire life. I learned tough life lessons, lessons that



FASHION, FEATURED | August 2, 2016



I’m in love with this blouse, mainly because I’m obsessed with the print. You might think “Oh, this is just another floral”, but it’s not! The beauty of it is that is not just an overall print, the placement of every single detail – shapes and colors – was carefully designed in order to create a visual effect that basically frames the figure.

It’s so smart and at the same time so, so pretty.

This incredible print design is from BCBG Maz Azria’s ready-to-wear collection, however,



LIFESTYLE | July 25, 2016

IMG_2228_2 IMG_2144 IMG_2226

An event dedicated to two of my favorite things in the world: Music & Rosé

A thousand shades of pink covered Governor’s Island a couple of weeks ago for the -first time ever- Pinknic event! A two-day music festival were people could lay on the grass and chill, while they listened to music and drank delicious Rosé.

I had an amazing time, mainly because of the girls in my group, I love them!! They’re the coolest New Yorkers ever,